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Health Navigators

What are Health Navigators?

Health Navigators are an important member of the health team.  They provide: assistance, information, tools and support to assist you in making the best health care decisions for your needs, lifestyle, and conditions.


Where do they work?

  • In the clinic
  • In your neighborhood
  • At the community level

What are their roles?

There are 4 types of health navigators- Clinical, Outreach and Enrollment, Neighborhood, and Community Health Navigators.

Clinical Health Navigators work with individuals in the clinic setting. 

They provide:

  • Care Coordination and follow-up
  • Health education and self-management support
  • Health system navigation – assisting in referrals and accessing services

Outreach & Enrollment Specialists provide information to make people aware of health insurance options and assist individuals in applying for eligible services.

Neighborhood Health Navigators work with students and families in an identified neighborhood. 

They assist with:

  • Families in connecting to health and social service resources
  • Coordination between a school/neighborhood and community agencies

Community Health Navigators work in communities.  They are involved in policy and advocacy work. 

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